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Tornado' range of Low speed High torque Hydraulic Motors and Rotary Joints are manufactured by M/s FAR Hydraulics,  located in the City of Bangalore in India. Established in 1994 by a group of engineers having rich  industrial   experience, with a mission to indigenously develop and adopt relevant technologies in the field of fluid   power to suit the customer demands / environment. 

The standard products are designed with installation dimensions in line with the relevant inter national standard, so as   to ensure interchange ability with similar imported models. 

Plastic injection moulding machines
Honing head drives
Net Winch Drives in fishing vessels
Bore well drilling rigs
Agricultural Machinery
Gerotor hydraulic Motors Hydro Motor Low Speed High Torque Hydraulic Motors LSHT Hydraulic Motors
Hydraulic Rotary Joint Hydraulic Rotary Union Hydraulic Rotary Union For Kaplan Turbine High Pressure Swivel Joints
Hydraulic Rotary Distributor Valve Hydraulic Rotary Actuators Rotary Vane Actuators  
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