Industrial Hydraulic motors convert the energy in a pressurized hydraulic fluid into useful mechanical energy. Tornado hydraulic motors are fixed  displacement low speed high torque hydraulic motors working on the proven orbit motor principle. The power generating element of this motors is a gerotor set with a lobed stator ring and a rotor with one lobe less than the stator ring. The rotor fits eccentrically inside the stator ring and together they form a number of chambers. In FMP series motors , the stator ring is a specially machined and matched component(fig.1). In other series, the stator ring lobes are formed by rollers located in precisely machined holes in stator rings.


The pressurized oil enters the motor through the parts on the body and passes through a distributor valve driven by the rotor , which directs the oil sequentially to the oil chambers in the gerotor set. The pressure differential between these chambers causes the rotor to rotate. The rotary motion is transmitted to the output shaft as well as the distributor valve so as to produce  a continuous rotary output. In FMP series motors the distributor valve is integral with the output shaft, whereas in other series, a hydrostatically balanced disc valve driven by an independent drive link is provided. This design facilitate short flow paths, higher efficiency, wear compensation of valve faces and longer life.


  •     Fit and Forget reliability
  •     High power - to weight ratio
  •     High startup and output Torques
  •     Fully reversible and Variable speed
  •     Uniform torque over a wide range of Speeds
  •     Easily available and economical
  •     Robust and compact design
  •     Long, maintenance free life
  •     Mounting configuration as per SAE standards
  •     Interchangeable with similar imported models
Torando Hydraulic motors are ideally suited for Applications demanding vary high Torque at low or variable speeds, along with economy, compact size, reliability, maintenance-free service etc. These motors also provide a cost effective alternative to many other variable speed drives in vogue.


Hydraulic fluid Mineral based Hydraulic oil
Fluid Temperature 300c - 600c
Fluid Viscosity 30cSt - 75 cST
Contamination level 25 Micron Filtration of finer

Tornado Hydraulic Motors can be fitted in ny desired position. If a drain line is connected , ensure that the motor case is always filled with oil.

All models of Tornado Hydraulic Motors are provided with built-in-check valves to limit the pressure on the shaft seal.
Plastic injection moulding machines
Honing head drives
Net Winch Drives in fishing vessels
Bore well drilling rigs
Agricultural Machinery
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