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Hydraulic Rotary Actuators

Rotary Actuators are devices for converting the pressure energy in a fluid medium to useful Rotary Power. The Rotary Motion is usually limited to one revolution or less and hence they are also known as Partial Rotation Motors or Oscillators.

Rotodyne Rotary Actuators are of Vane type design and Standard Models are available with upto 500Kg.M O torque at a maximum operating pressure of 70Bar and a 250 angle of actuation. This design with a single moving part gives a long and trouble free service life with zero backlash. It is one of the most economical and compact devices in the market to generate very high torque, and zero backlash allows for very precise positioning at any point within its actuation angle. The designs with double vane are also available. External stops will be required to stop and hold loads at desired position and deceleration of high inertia loads shall be achieved through proper meter out circuits.


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